About the Author

I did my schooling in Mumbai & Bangalore. I did my graduation from SRCC and followed that up with a Masters degree in finance (MFC) from University of Delhi. I worked as a financial advisor for a little over two years. Besides working or writing, I enjoy reading up on cricket statistics- my first love since class five. Corporate Atyaachaar was my debut novel. It met with an enthusiastic response from readers across India and was declared a national bestseller. The Off-Site Tamasha was my second novel. The Paperback Badshah is my third novel.

A few pictures of mine are below which I asked my father to click. Before clicking these pictures, my father gave me a quick update on sunlight, camera angles among other finer aspects of 'photography'. We discussed for about 10 minutes. My patience ran out. So did his. We finally finished the photo session in around 4 minutes.
The blazer in the photos has been a good companion of mine. Wearing it makes me feel, possibly how an Australian cricketer feels while wearing the Baggy Green. It makes me feel important like I am on a mission. I have worn it in 2006-07 during my Masters. I have worn it during my college placements. I have worn it for 4 wedding functions. I have also once worn it for an IPL cricket match!

I might also wear it for my book launch!

For my friends who remember me during my Masters, I humbly do admit that my face now looks like a small, fat 14 inch television. Kindly put it down due to the transition from student life to work life.

Hope you enjoy the book!