Author Q&A

Hey guys I had made a list of questions which I have asked myself (ha ha) for those of you interested in the process I adopted while drafting my novel Corporate Atyaachaar:

1) Is Corporate Atyaachaar autobiographical?

This is a work of fiction. The story line was built out of my imagination using wealth management as a backdrop.

2) What is the process of drafting a novel like?

The process is slow but immensely enjoyable. This is possibly because the journey is a bit unstructured and uncertain. I had a disciplined writing schedule chipping away, word by word, line by line. In around 8 months time, I had completed my first draft.

3) Have you been writing earlier as well?

During my SRCC college days, I had written a story which I had discontinued midway. During my MFC days, I would post mails and observations on my student groups to entertain my friends. My first published article was a view point expressed by me on cricket which appeared in the editorial page of the Economic Times (11th April 2007). Corporate Atyaachaar is my first full fledged published work of fiction.

4)What has been your literary inspiration?

It is undoubtedly my maternal grandfather- Mr. Malayatoor Ramakrishnan. He was an award winning, much loved, much respected writer in Malayalam. He was a multi faceted talent with varied interests. He was a noted novelist, script writer, columnist, painter, cartoonist and even a movie director! Among his prominent novels were Verukal and Yakshi.

5)What are the kind of books which have inspired you?

During my Masters, I read Liar's Poker by Michael Lewis. It is a fantastic read. While drafting my novel, I re-read the book and I also read other books such as Barbarians at the Gate, F.I.A.S.C.O, Conspiracy of fools, Monkey Business, When Genius Failed which added to my understanding of using finance as a backdrop in my novel. Similarly while weaving together the various interactions between boss and subordinate in my novel, I re-read some of the novels and stories of Sherlock Holmes involving the engaging exchanges between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

6)How did your immediate family react to your writing?

My parents were very supportive. My mother was pretty excited. My father was excited that my mother was excited and wondered what the fuss was all about! My brother gave me fantastic inputs on the commercial aspects relating to the book promotion, something for which I am very thankful.

7)How have your friends/ peer group reacted to your novel?

I have received encouraging responses from my friends who have read my novel. Most of them found the novel to be a quick funny read which can be finished in one sitting.

8)What is your advice for aspiring writers?

Well to begin with- I am 27! I am limited in age, experiences and observations on life to give free advice! The only advice, I can give is that once you stumble upon your idea, keep at it and write only because you are passionate about writing without the 'commercial rewards' in sight. I am confident that you will enjoy the process of structuring your novel and that in itself is a success.

9)Is it easy to get published in India?

Like in all other facets of life, getting published also requires a fair bit of luck. Rejection from various publishers can make you question your efforts. Once, your manuscript is accepted for publication, the process of publication also takes it own time. But when your book does come out, it is a really exciting feeling.

)Who do you think will want to read your novel? Will it be worthy of their time?

Let's hope that readers find my novel worthy of their time! I think given the storyline, the price point and the humour on offer, I think college youngsters, young working professionals, finance professionals (particularly those working as advisors) might enjoy this read.